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Nutrition Advice in The UK

Get expert nutrition advice and fitness coaching online with an experienced professional at Assent Nutrition & Fitness. We work with clients across the UK with a tailored service designed to meet your individual needs and goals.

One-to-One Fitness Coaching

A one-to-one fitness coaching service is a great way to get focused instruction that will help you to achieve your fitness objectives. Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, or gain overall fitness, we will work closely together to establish a fitness plan that works for you.

Assent Nutrition & Fitness - Fitness Coaching

Nutritional Advice

Training is only one half of the fitness equation. Nutrition is just as important, and with expert nutritional advice from Assent Nutrition & Fitness, you can ensure you’re consuming the right things to help you make real gains.

Specialist Running and Professional Athlete Coaching

We offer a specialist service for pro athletes and competitive runners to help you reach your potential. This holistic service includes everything from training plans to nutritional advice; all focused on your particular sport and your objectives.

Assent Nutrition & Fitness - Run Coaching